Mother’s day is coming and I took advantage of this special occasion to do one of the things I like best: to connect with a new person (in this case a very special woman), to know a little of her story and of course, to be able to photograph some special family moments. 

Daiana is a Brazilian who, like me, immigrated to Canada from Brazil. After years of great challenges, she now lives in Saint-Eustache with her three beautiful daughters and is a super businesswoman who owns Bouchées Brésil Gourmet, a restaurant that serves delicious Brazilian food and where she also cooks and prepares amazing plates for catering and events. Because of her business, Daiana needs to deal with a crazy work schedule and this can make it more difficult to plan family activities. Despite the long hours, she still manages a work-life balance which helps her daughters see the importance of chasing their dreams from their main role model: their mom.

I did not know Daiana very well, I just knew who she was from friends we have in common and for having tasted the delights she makes in some Brazilian parties that I attended. But knowing her personally and spending these hours with her and her daughters made me admire immensely this strong, determined woman who is so sweet and dear.

Being a mother has always been her biggest dream since she was 14 years old. Even though she went through some health problems when she was younger that could have prevented her from having children, today she is a happy and devoted mother to these three incredible little girls. – ”I feel completely fulfilled by having them in my life. They are everything to me, my reason for living, my daily energy, my desire to become each day better and better. With them, I teach, but I learn even more”, Daiana says.

Observing her with her daughters and the relationship they share was an amazing experience. They have such a special bond and I feel so grateful to have captured these moments of joy and connection between them.

Here are some of the photos from this session:


























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