I am someone who takes pride in their work, recognizing the important role that I play in my clients’ lives. On your wedding day, I will help you to create stunning and eternal pictures of your memories. I want you to know that I am taking care of your photographs creatively and effectively so that you can focus on reveling in the beauty of the wedding itself, enjoying it for that it is worth. I will create a record of you and your guests, something that you can hold dear for the rest of your life, something that you can pass on, something that you can pick up and look back at again and again. With family sessions, it is much the same: the focus is on who you are and what you mean to each other.

My approach to my work is grounded in communication and trust. I am not just someone who shows up, points a camera, and pushes a button. Instead, I get to know you, get to know your personality, and then build a story in pictures, enshrining your memories for you with a clear and unique narrative. Whether I am working a wedding or doing a family session, I put a plan into place and then follow it, celebrating your identities and raising high the moment. While it is true that no family is perfect, it is among our imperfections that we find each other. That to me is love, and that to me is a subject always worth photographing.

Originally from Brazil, I relocated to Canada ten years ago. For two years, I lived in Quebec City, learning French, until picking up and moving once again, this time to Montreal, a multicultural city unlike any other. I have studied commercial photography for two years, uncovering my calling in life and finding an outlet to express myself and to serve people simultaneously. All the people I have met in during this period, and throughout the rest of my life, have helped me to grow and blossom into the photographer that I am today, seeing the world always through a lens, either physically or in my mind’s eye.

My family remains in Brazil, and I share my home in Montreal with my husband, whom I met through a close friend and to whom I have been married since 2016. That wedding, to which all my family from Brazil traveled to attend, was a surreal experience for me, and I know what it meant to everyone there. By that token, I recognize what your wedding means to you, and I will treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

Outside photography, my hobbies include cinema, travel, nature, and hiking. I love to get lost in deep conversations, and I am fluent in Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish.