My main goal when photographing people is simple. My aim is to always make them remember not only what they looked like at that stage of their lives, but also and most importantly, the moment they were living and how they felt.

I love doing maternity sessions, because it is a unique and special moment to the couple that comes with many changes – both physical and emotional. It is important to me that the person who is in front of my camera feels the freedom to be no one else but herself and to feel good when doing that.

Today, I will share with you a session that I did a while ago. I find it represents perfectly my approach during a maternity session.

I’ve photographed Marianick and Nikhil near their house in Verdun, Montreal, where you can find stunning nature near the river, especially when the sun is almost setting (and we were so lucky to have a beautiful summer day).

It was the first time they had a professional photo session and it’s completely normal at the beginning to be a little unsure and even nervous. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that they were living a great moment together, and that despite doubts and insecurity that every couple might go through at this stage of life. What I was seeing was a lot of complicity and that is what I wanted to portrait!

I am happy that in the future they will be able to look back at these images and always have a chance to remember their feelings towards each other – especially when their family was just starting.













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