I feel very honoured each time I am invited into someone’s home for a family session, because I know that it’s like they are opening a little bit of their lives to me.

I knew that Keli and Anderson already felt at ease around me and my camera since they work as documentary photographers as well as for the fact that I had documented Keli’s second birth, which is always a very intimate moment. Their sons, Logan and Kenzo, were instantly so comfortable and natural in my presence, and that made our time together even more perfect.

I arrived at their house at around 7h30 am and spent half of that day they with them. During our time together, I was able to witness so many small but meaningful family moments: how they love to watch cartoons and cuddle on the couch right after waking up; how they take the time to sit at the table together for breakfast; how they interact through so many creative activities like drawing, dancing and playing music. How they turn something simple like brushing the teeth into a fun activity for everyone.

We were very lucky because it was a beautiful fall day in Montreal and so perfect to get some great outdoor moments of them playing together. I have a little obsession with strong colors so I was feeling very inspired by the mix of yellow, green, red and the amazing blue sky.

Keli, Anderson and the boys recently moved back to Brazil and I am happy they will have these memories from the time they were living in Montreal.

Here are some images from their session 🙂
































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