By sharing this session today, which is a very special one to me, I will also take the opportunity to talk about the importance to always push ourselves and from time to time come out of the comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter in what field we are, we all have people whom we admire and look up to, and that is something so important to have. Sometimes it is someone who you are constantly in contact with and sometimes it is someone who you admire from afar. The most important thing is to know that these people also have those who they look up to, and they are also constant learners. That’s why I feel that we should never be afraid of reaching out to those who inspire us if we are able to. The world is made of people with different knowledge and there will always be something new to be learned. 

In my case, Davina and Daniel played a huge part in my life as a photographer. I’ve started my career as a wedding photographer with them, but had learned so much more than that. During the five years I spent with them I have grown as a professional as well as a person. They inspired me to always strive for perfection and to always utilize my skills. They also taught me the importance of having constant constructive feedback and the most important lesson: to always be humble. 

Although we were close, photographing them was a scary idea, because for me it meant being vulnerable. I know that most of these feelings are normal when we face a new challenge and they are constantly in our head, so I went ahead and proposed a family shoot for them and they were genuinely happy with the idea. 

Family documentary photography is all about preserving natural moments that are real. Davina and Daniel are very much aware of that, of course, and that’s what made the whole experience incredible. From the moment I stepped into their home they were completely absorbed by their family routine and I quickly felt in my element to work. The children lived in the moment and I could see how a regular day at home with them could be so warm and lively. 

Davina and Daniel are amazing parents. They give their best of attention to their children and consciously convey positive values to them. Max and Charlie are vibrant and expressive, clearly taking after their parents. They seem to have inherited the love of beauty and nature from their parents for sure! They are little explorers and adventurers.

I am grateful to them for allowing me to capture precious moments of life in their home, as well as for having been so supportive during the time I was working with them. If you both read this, know that you two have made life surprisingly gratifying for me.










































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