Today I would like to share a very special wedding that I’ve photographed last year, while I was working for Grey Sparrow Studio.

Two wonderful people, with genuine smiles and emotions, deeply in love. Tanya and Philippe enjoyed every minute of their day, with each other, and with the people that matter the most in their lives.

I felt so lucky to document their wedding and I am happy to know they will be able to relive this amazing day through their photos.

Here are a few of my favorites, hope you will enjoy 🙂




Tanya’s mom helping her to get ready. They share a very beautiful relationship and are also super close friends.


Such a beautiful bride

Philippe’s expression the moment Tanya walked down the aisle.


Their ceremony was held at the Nelligan Hotel rooftop, in Old Montreal.


They did it, and it was amazing!

The emotion right after the ceremony.


For me, real friends are the ones that are genuinely happy for you. These are Tanya and Philippe’s friend’s reactions when the couple arrived at the reception. We can easily say they were super happy and excited for them 🙂



Time for toasts and special speeches.

Philippe giving a heartfelt speech.


I love doing portraits at this time of the day. The contrast between the colors, especially blues and yellows, make a perfect background for an evening portrait.

Mother & son dance.


This is one of my favorite images. When I look at it I think about what it is like to ”live in the moment”. To not think about what comes next, because you are holding on to what matters the most.







What a great party, everyone having such a good time!



I wish they continue sharing this beautiful love through the years and keep looking at each other just like they were when I took this portrait.


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