Michele is a very good friend of mine. I consider her a very caring person, always genuinely interested in what people have to say, and being around her is always a positive experience. Five years ago she decided to rescue a dog and even though I knew how special Magrela was to her and how close they became, I had never really heard the details about the adoption, nor knew much about greyhound dogs.

Last month I decided to spend some time with them and document some of their moments together. We also took this opportunity to talk about the subject of dog rescue and Michele told me more of her story. I thought it would be a great idea to include their story with the images I took, and there’s also some very useful and interesting information that can help us be more aware of what goes on.

I was very touched by the beautiful love they share and think that the photos describe well how important they are to each other.

There’s a video at the end of this post if you are interested in seeing the complete session with them! 

Hope you will enjoy it 🙂 



Why did you decide to rescue a dog?

Like many other dog lovers, I have owned a dog since I was little. My family and I have had countless experiences of how second-hand animals can make amazing first-class pets. I knew that things wouldn’t be any different with Magrela.

Can you tell about the organization from where you adopted Magrela?

After doing some research I came across a nonprofit organization called Greyhound Rescue Quebec, founded by a lovely couple, Shirley and Ernie. I contacted them and they scheduled a meeting with me as they wanted to get to know me in person and make sure that I had a suitable personality and lifestyle to rescue a dog. During this meeting they explained everything about the breed and the life of a greyhound on the racetrack. They emphasized that the dogs went through a vet’s inspection to guarantee their health, though they could have scars from the past and many other imperfections. After the information session they asked me what would be my preferred colour of a dog. Without hesitation I said: ”The one no one wants to adopt’’. at that moment I felt scared of my own answer, but also knew that it came from the heart.

I have read a while ago about Greyhound Racing and the cruelty of the industry where these gentle giants are kept in stacked cages lined up in rows for over 20 hours a day until they head off for a race. They routinely suffer serious injuries and are completely deprived of any kind of affection. Winners or losers, within 2 to 5 years these dogs are simply disposable due to lack of profit for the industry. The lucky ones are given to rescue organizations that are dedicated to finding loving responsible owners.






Were there any challenges when Magrela first arrived?

Magrela came all the way from Florida on a 3-day trip.  My blind adoption brought me the most beautiful greyhound dog. She was very different when I first met her – she did not act like a dog. She was very closed off – no playing, no barking, no excitement. She was very shy and had to learn simple things such as walking up the stairs, sleeping in her bed (she slept in a cage with shredded paper her whole life), or getting into the car. Having an adult dog that never experienced human affection was the biggest challenge. For the first few weeks as a greyhound owner I was instructed not to give her any affection as she had never had that before – an excess of affection could set unrealistic expectations in the animal and lead to separation anxiety. After this adjustment period she understood what being a dog is all about!

Do you think a Greyhound dog is a good fit for a family?

Absolutely! Firstly I thought that Magrela was unique, but I learnt that all greyhounds are sweet, gentle, loving, clean, quiet, and very smart. They are extremely social with everyone including kids, little dogs, and even cats! Actually, they are very similar to cats in some ways, as they like to sleep up to 20 hours a day. Despite their size they need no more exercise than an average dog and can easily live in a small apartment (as long as you have a comfortable couch).

Magrela went from being a professional racing dog to a ”45mph couch potato” and stands out for her neverending affection: she can’t help but love everyone she meets. People often tell me: ”You changed her life’’, but the truth is that she changed mine completely and transformed me into a better human being.







Finally, can you give some advice on how people can help these dogs?

Here’s what you can do to help greyhound dogs:

– Do not attend or encourage greyhound racing events

– Inform your family and friends and anyone who cares about animals about the animal welfare problems and safety concerns related to these racing events

– If you are willing to rescue a dog, consider adopting a retired racing greyhound.

Here’s the video with the complete session. Turn up the volume and check it out! 


Greyhound Rescue Quebec contact information: 


Phone Number: 514 624-6335

email : greyhoundrescuequebec@hotmail.com

Magrela’s instagram account: instagram.com/magrela.greyhound

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April 25, 2019
Absolutely loved this post. I cried, a little. What a beautiful gesture your friend did. Greyhounds are my favourites dogs, I might just consider adopting a retired one when I'm ready to have one in my life. The photos are beautiful, of course, loved the b&w one of him on his back, on the bed!
    April 30, 2019
    Thank you so much Laura, this was a very special session. I didn't know much about Greyhounds before and was so touched about everything I learned.