One of the things I love the most about photographing and being close to children is how much they can teach us about living in the moment and about spontaneity.

And what I find even more fascinating is to watch how the parents change when they are interacting and playing with their children. You may have had a tiring day at work and lots of difficult decisions to make. But when you play with a child, throw and catch them up in the air and listen to that laugh, it’s practically impossible not to get carried away, even if just for a few minutes, by that incredible feeling of enjoying the moment.

Bianca and Marcelo’s family session brought me this reflection.

Like many parents, they have a busy life, very demanding jobs, and that day was specifically preceded by a very bad night’s sleep and their youngest child catching a cold.

We decided to take the photos anyway, and in my favorite way: without much planning. We went to a park where they go often to play together. It didn’t take much for beautiful moments of interaction to happen. Lots of laughter, creativity, teachings and a few tears after a tumble (which almost always happens). Moments that they live every day as a family and that I had the pleasure to turn into a palpable memory for them to keep forever.

I loved to photograph this beautiful and dear family, which shows us that at the end of the day, what matters is to realize that the happiness from these simple and unique moments can be the best medicine for the weariness of a long day of work!





















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