Today I’m going to change the subject of wedding and family pictures a little and I’m going to show you the work that I’ve been doing and really enjoying more and more.

A professional portrait for me goes beyond just a photo to put on a LinkedIn profile or a resume. It is a tool that will show you in a matter of seconds, your personality, your goals, and also why not think that it will be an image that represents who you were at a certain point in your life. It’s with this mindset that I usually perform this type of session, always seeking to create an experience for the person being photographed.

Some elements are important to help in the development of these images, such as the colours used, the feeling we get from the environment in which we are, the framing, and most importantly, being able to capture and value the personality of who is being photographed.

Before taking the pictures, I talk to the client to find out what their main objective is and then we discuss different ideas together because collaboration and trust are essential to accomplishing this kind of work.

The truth is that most of us are not used to being photographed, and the feeling of being alone in front of a camera can be quite intimidating. That is why my main goal is to create an environment where the person can forget that there is a camera between us and that at the end of the photoshoot they leave with a positive feeling towards themselves, and even more confident in their projects and goals.













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