I’ve photographed Kayla and Ivano’s wedding in 2016 and I remember every detail of that day. It was fall and it was raining a lot so we had to take all the photos indoors. Because of their amazing personalities, that never stopped them from enjoying every moment of their special day. Their first look was very emotional, quiet and sweet and their whole day was just a big celebration of love, friendship and things that matter in life.

Two months ago Kayla wrote to me to tell some great news: they were expecting a little boy and wanted me to take their maternity and family photos. I couldn’t be happier with that message!

I find these images represent well the moment they are now living and how loving and caring they are towards each other.

Next time we meet, things will be a little different for them and I can’t wait to photograph this new chapter of their lives.

Kayla and Ivano, thank you so much for trusting me with your family memories!














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